Barcelona Street Photography: Review of the Fuji X-T1wifi function and VSCOcam app

    Last week I had a short break in the wonderful city of Barcelona. This was not only my first trip to this beautiful city but would also be the first time… Continue reading

Assimilate with Stefania Ferrario

It was my pleasure to finally get to work with Stefania Ferrario the model who originally started the #droptheplus campaign. As those of you who read my blog will already know this is something I… Continue reading

Portraits of Philomena Kwao in I-D magazine

Last week I had the pleasure of working again with the wonderful Philomena Kwao. Here are a few of my portraits of Philomena and the interview she did for I-D magazine: ​10 things… Continue reading

Unretouched #Droptheplus Campaign with Models 1

        I recently shot the unretouched #droptheplus campaign for models 1 using my now favourite Fuji X t 1. This was not just a commissioned job for me but also a massage… Continue reading

Studio Flash and the Fuji X T 1 – Featuring Felicity Hayward

So after Fuji X T 1 passed with flying colours on our  first date I decided to give it a proper try in the studio to see how it faired with my Bowens… Continue reading

First Date with the Fuji X T1

I’ve had a crush on the  Fuji X T 1 for while now..admiring it from a far, gazing at it longingly through Calumets shop window, though never quiet succumbing to temptation. Yet last… Continue reading


Love on the Rocks with the Fuji X pro 1

So it appears the honeymoon period is final over for the Fuji X pro 1  and I as recently I’ve been having more downs than ups with this camera and I find myself using… Continue reading

Souvenirs de Paris , la deuxième partie

  I’ve just got back from vacation trip to Paris, this time it was for pleasure, not work…though after seeing Peter Lindberg’s current exhibition at the Gagosian gallery I felt an overwhelming need to take some pictures.… Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Ode to my love of the movies this Halloween fashion shoot was inspired by the Hammer Horror films of the 1950’s – think harsh light, looming shadows and grainy film….             All… Continue reading