Model Activist Stefania Ferrario “Locked up and Tortured.” And this is legal?




23-year-old Stefania Ferrario is a model and activist who has featured in news articles for The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and ITV news, amongst others. She is known for single-handedly taking on the fashion industry and rebuking it for its ‘plus size’ labelling whilst establishing the hashtag #Droptheplus.

Only recently, Stefania has taken to her social media with cries of help after being forcefully detained and medicated in a mental health facility in Canberra Austraila for an apparent bipolar disorder. She has made serious online claims of both sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her carers.  Yet albeit sympathy from a few of her fans, these cries for help seem to have not been taken very seriously by the authorities, the reasons being legislations are put in place all over the world that negates the very basic human rights of anyone suffering from a mental illness. For example, The European Human Rights Act 1998: Article 8  can be overridden if the doctor deems the treatment as “therapeutically necessary.” The World Health Organisation has this to say on the matter:

“We are facing a global human rights emergency in mental health…Violations often occur behind closed doors and go unreported – unless people know that they are going on, action cannot be taken to stop them…. Many people with mental disabilities are assumed to have no capacity to make decisions for themselves and are therefore being detained and treated in psychiatric institutions unjustifiably and against their will, where they are being treated appallingly and inhumanely.” The World Health Orgamisation 



Letter to Malcolm Turnbull from Stefania Ferrario detailing her sexual assault on 05/11/2016


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Dr Peter Gøtzsche Physician and Author of “Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial” feels very strongly that forced psychiatric treatment must be abolished:

“People have the right to be free from involuntary detention in a mental health facility, and not to be forced to undergo mental health treatment.” It’s very clearly formulated there. “Forced treatment is a violation of the right to equal recognition and an infringement of the right to personal integrity, freedom from torture, and freedom from violence, exploitation and abuse.” And, as everybody knows, violence breeds violence. So, when patients are violent on wards, it’s often because of the inhumane conditions they have experienced. It’s not their disease. It can be, but it’s usually not the reason.” Dr Peter Gøtzsche Alaska June 2 2016.

Dr Gotzsche also acknowledges how a diagnosis is not always absolute or correct in psychiatry. He gives one tragic example of a 32-year-old Danish girl Luise who was misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia and died as a result of her forced psychiatric treatments.

The diagnosis was wrong. She didn’t have schizophrenia. She had Asperger’s. The psychiatrists didn’t listen – They declared that she was seriously ill and should have even more drugs …. Dr Peter Gøtzsche Alaska June 2 2016.

More examples of death due to forced psychiatric treatment can be found here

Tanvir Singh, MD and Muhammad Rajput, MD also publish an article on their concerns at a widespread misdiagnose of the bipolar disorder.

“Bipolar disorder is a disabling psychiatric illness that is often misdiagnosed, especially on initial presentation. Misdiagnosis results in ineffective treatment, which further worsens the outcome”Tanvir Singh, MD and Muhammad Rajput, MD  October 3rd 2006

The full article can be found here:

Stefania modelling for Dita Von Teese

Stefania modelling for Dita Von Teese

Stefania for the #droptheplus campaign

Activist for #droptheplus

And what of the various activist and whistleblowers throughout history that has been conveniently diagnosed with a mental health illnesses and thrown into an asylum in order to debunk their ideologies and maintain the status quo ‘ Clennon Washington King Junior anti -segregation activist was committed to an insane asylum in 1958 for no other reason than being an African American trying to enroll in the University of Mississippi. And throughout the Victorian era woman run the risk of being declared insane and committed to an asylum if they even dared challenge the patriarchy, and this sadly still goes on in various countries to this very day. Up until recently, the American psychiatric association listed Homosexuality as a mental illness and this was not rectified until 1973. More examples of “Activist’ and ‘Whistle Blowers.’ that have been wrongfully and involuntarily committed to an insane asylum can be found here. 

For the status quo to prevail people need to be content, not question or challenge. They need to assimilate, settle for mediocrity and bury their aspiration. If you dare believe there is more to life or, heaven forbid, speak your mind at inopportune moments you may find yourself diagnosed with a mental health illness

Darian Leader psychoanalyst and author of ‘Strictly Bipolar’  claims we are all living in an age of Bipolar and in some ways it is affecting us all: 

“Everyone is trying to cobble their lives together as best they can. Once one recognises this, hopefully it can also work against the stigma and marginalisation [of the mentally ill]. A lot of people find ways of avoiding situations where a trigger [for the madness] is likely to occur. At some level, they know what to avoid, and they organise things in their own unique way to allow them to get through life.” Darian Leader October 2nd 2011

Darian Leader  also campaigns actively against the use of prescription drugs and blames the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical industry for the ‘epidemic of mental disorders.” with child prescriptions this decade increasing by 400% and overall diagnoses by 4000%. 

Watch the full debate can be

Dr Peter Gotzsche also states  that psychiatric drugs are deadly: 

“Psychiatric drugs are so harmful that they kill more than half a million people every year among those aged 65 and above in the United States and Europe. This makes psychiatric drugs the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer.”Dr Peter Gøtzsche Alaska June 2 2016.

The aim of this  blog is not to point the finger at any particular institution but to encourage people to look at how flawed the system is as a whole. In considering all the evidence for the persistent, inconsistent diagnosis of mental disorders and ambiguities in the effectiveness and potential harm of antipsychotic drugs these legalisations that are put in place to support forced psychiatric treatment and infringe on people’s basic human rights must be abolished! And we must not turn a blind eye to those like Stefania calling for help, as she herself states

“It is traumatic in itself having everyone think you are insane with no one to listen.” 

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(UPDATE: since writing this blog the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate are about to pass a health bill known as 21st Century Cures Act that will “increase and sanction state-sponsored, forced, and court-ordered psychiatry and allow pharmaceutical companies to be able to bypass many of the FDA rigorous screening tests.” This must be stopped!Here are some things you can do to help if living in the United States.)