A Studio Affair: review of the Fuji X pro 1 studio performance

As in any passionate affair we constantly discovering new things about each other…so you can imagine my excitement when, only last week, I discovered that the Fuji X pro 1 has a sync port on the left side of the camera, which allowed me to hook up my Bowens strobes and take some studio shots:))

As this would be my first test run in the studio with the Fuji X pro 1, I didn’t want to get too experimental with lighting so opted for a simple loop lighting set up which also complimented the model Stephanie’s hollywood style glamour perfectly. See below for lighting set up and exposure:

ISO: 100     35mm        f/8.0       1/125 secs

All shots were taken with the Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 RLens  which gave impressive pin sharp results. Though on the first shot below I did notice that the eye’s were not as in focus as I’d like them to be but this could have be due to the fact that the shots were all taken hand held, resulting in slight motion blur.

© Michelle George

© Michelle George

© Michelle George

© Michelle George

Also please note since the previous blog I have updated the firmware which has considerable improved the auto focus problems I was having before. It’s definitely worth the update :

All in all, I found the results pretty remarkable considering the Fuji X pro 1 is not a full frame camera and I shot in jpeg. The resolution is not as high as my Canon 5D mark ii, but the results it produced are more than adequate for magazine submissions and portfolio prints.

May the affair continue….

Michelle George Creative london Photographer